The name Berlinetta brings with it a series of considerations that weigh

like boulders on the pencil of every designer.

The name not only describes a Gran Turismo, a powerful and sporty front- engined car that is pleasant to drive, but ideal proportions, elegance, and a strong sports connotation at the same time.

There are many examples, and perhaps they rank among the most beautiful, of cars that carry this name. Just think of the 1946 Cisitalia 202, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO or the 1965 GT SWB to understand it’s true meaning and importance.

In June of 2015, when we decided to make a new car, I was immediately asked: “Can we make it beautiful?” The task was not easy despite the fact that the 427 Roadster, the one-off that we presented a few months earlier in Milan, had been met with enormous critical acclaim for its style.

That project was born as a tribute - although revised in an “Italian” way - to overseas muscle cars, and was essentially a pure roadster.

Nonetheless, we believed that abandoning what we had achieved stylistically on the first model would have been a mistake. In just a few minutes, I began to change its forms and make them not only more modern, but closer to the precise characteristics and proportions of a Berlinetta.

With a shred of hope, yet at the same time a strong conviction, I replied: “It will have to be, and it will be beautiful.”

From that moment on, our true journey began. Designing what we immediately decided to call “Berlinetta” was certainly not an easy task, but I think that is what fills us with pride the most.