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A tribute to a legend. A car that in my childhood became an icon.

In 1984 Honda finally decided to get into the world of Supercars by creating something completely different.
They called Pininfarina in Turin asking them to create something unique.
The goal was clear: designing a revolutionary car that not only could compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche but also could bring extremely new technologies on the table (first production car with a full aluminum chassis and titanium engine components, with the very first engine capable of play music at 8000RPM!) and all of this at an affordable price. Without taking out of the equation all the comforts and accessories that all the modern cars should have at that time, of course.

The first result was the concept HPX (High Performance eXperimental) that sets high standards for aerodynamics and also showed the first resemblances of the production model.

Back in the eighties they Honda also had in his contact list the best F1 driver of the World: Ayrton Senna. at that time he was in fact racing with the F1-Team McLaren-Honda and so he joined the engineering team to develop one of the most amazing supercars of the Nineties.

Presented in Chicago first and in Tokyo right after in 1989, and available 1990, the NSX (New Sportscar eXperimental) completely shocked the entire car world because of its beauty, elegance and revolutionary technology.

A special thanks, more than anything else, goes to my Father.
One day he came home after work and I vividly remember my Brother Marco and I were literally drooling in front of the commercial on TV about this new magazine that was about to come out.
Well, that day my father bought me the first issue of “Supercar Magazine” where the Honda NSX MKI was the guest star on the cover…
I was 7 years old when I saw it for the very first time. And it was love. Immediately.
I always wanted to homage this car. I always wanted to give to it my gentle vision of its purity, reinterpreting its lines and proportions in a contemporary version.

Well, with this Homage I hope I’ve been able to bring in the same passion and admiration I have for the original masterpiece.