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Designed in 2010 and presented at the International Motor Show of Shanghai in 2011, the FAW GO Concept anticipated the style of the future production model Besturn B30.

The goal was creating an elegant Sedan which the proportions of a Coupè. Muscular lines, aggressive look and sleek balance between soft and sharp curves.

Here what the press said after the launch:
”First Auto Works (FAW) has developed its own sedan lineup, the Besturn series, with the help of its foreign partners. The B50 and B70 share a platform with the first generation Mazda 6, while the upcoming B90 will be a variant of Mazda Ruiyi, the second generation Mazda 6 (we will cover the B90 in our next post). The B30 compact, to hit the market next year, will be built on VW’s PQ32 platform, and thus a sibling of the time-honored FAW-VW Jetta.

Although the B30 has been spotted in road tests several times, FAW is not yet ready to show off a volume-production model. Instead, it brings to Shanghai the Besturn Go Concept, which is identified by the media as what anticipates the B30 to come.”