Launched in 2017, Kaptur Dronw won the Gold Design Award for the "Home & Electronics” category at the IDA - International Design Awards in Los Angeles and also the Silver Award for the “Toy Design / Remote Controls” category, in the same year.

The goal with this UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) was designing a completely different shape developed in vertically rather than horizontally like the great majority of the drones out there are shaped.
The big challenge was also trying to combine the compact look with all the constraints coming from the engineering.
The weight is probably the most important element for a flying object. An with this design approach of creating clean, hollow but very resistant elements and after a deep study of the materials used we’ve been able to produce a quadcopter not only fun to fly but that also very stable and secure compared to the competitors. One of the greatest success was also to be able to bring to production a final aesthetic that was almost 100% respectful of the very first sketches on paper. Probably the most difficult challenge for a Designer.

It live streams and shoots hi-def photo and video with a built-in, 720p camera.
You can easily fly Kaptur using the 2.4 Gig remote control and you can also stream live video of your flight through the downloadable app, recording it as video and still photos simultaneously and on command. 

Motion sensitive auto-stabilizers provide rock solid control and precision in flight. Kaptur is easy to maneuver expertly and pilots of all skill levels can choose the speed that is right for them. Kaptur features an on-board altitude sensor which provides auto launch and land functionality and an amazing GPS system that allow you always to let the drone come back to the take off point.